The Beginning

At the start of the Independent Study Module, I wanted to refresh my memory of what my Concept and Generation research question was and how this could be achieved in this module. I had the following notes:

Research question: When is “less is more”, not enough?

  • Looked into the movements associated with flat design. Bauhaus, minimalism, swiss style.
  • What had to be overcome to achieve an effective design.
  • How flat design has been pushed to its limits of “less is more”
  • When the message is lost within the design as too little detail has been given and how to prevent it.
  • Flat design strips down a design to its basic, important elements.
  • Flat design’s method of communication through design and relies upon the interpretation of the viewer to successfully achieve its goal.
  • “Less is more” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  • Flat designed motion graphics relies upon motion to characterise an object.

The Actual Project

  • To form my own flat design style that accomodates all the issue’s some flat designers fall into and correct them in my own way.
  • Aim my project at a target audience (young adults) and allow them to feedback and help tweak my style.
  • A motion graphic piece that illustrates a story without any words/voice over, only the design and motion (and backing track) OR a video comparing my new style to another artists, pointing out where I have improved upon the style.

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