Talking about the idea with Rob

I pitched my project idea to Rob (my independent tutor) to see what his thoughts were. As this project was based in his field, I knew that he would be critical and helpful in guiding my project to something that is achievable and representing of my research question.

I went through all the points (that I mention in my first post) that I wanted to achieve to Rob to see how it can be refined to create a final piece which answered the research question. He liked the idea of flat design being used within motion graphics but didn’t feel “telling a story without words” was a good way to do it.

He directed me into looking at informational film and explainer videos as a way to show how a design expresses itself through its style and how it tells the audience information, using the simplest way to explain that information.


He also wanted me to gather a lot of material that shows visual minimalism, allowing me to get a better understanding of what styles are out there. I will attach all my findings in another post with some of my thoughts.

Another key aspect Rob wanted me to look at was functionality over neutrality. In design, this means to make sure the message the design is trying to express is priority over anything else. Flat design in particular has to make sure the simplicity of the design still communicates with the audience instead of being lost without necessary details to the design.

The last important detail Rob left me to research was one of the movements that flat design is inspired by, Swiss Style (which is also known as International Style). This movement tried to achieve a style that communicates with all nations through mainly typography. This requires the design to be able to communicate to not only a specific nation, but all people in the world. I will look more into Swiss Style and how it can help me achieve a final piece to the research question.



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