Explainer Videos

I wanted to look at some explainer videos on the web to get an idea of how they illustrate ideas and information to the audience quick and memorable. Alongside this, I wanted to look at the diverse styles the videos use to visualise their company/brand. For example, the different styles between a website selling domain names and a video explaining a charity.

A design style can’t just illustrate information, but also give the impression of how the company want to be seen. These are just some aspects I will look into for my final piece.

I enjoy the colour scheme and motion of this explainer video as I feel it pushes itself to be something different to other explainer videos. It uses fun characters instead of silhouettes to tell the information and has a unique pace to the video. This is something I want to strive towards for my final piece and hope I can achieve this.

I chose this explainer video as it shows a good example of using visuals to assist in the information, in particularly 0:20 in the video. It uses the symbolism of “pause” to complete the sentence and shows that our brains instantly fills in the gap. This is something I want to take advantage of within my own final piece.

This infographic instantly looks appealing and professional through its motion, design choice and structure. Everything in the video has a purpose and communicates well with the audience. I hope to achieve a similar professional-looking video within my final product as it shows how flat design can be used properly and effectively.


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