After researching into some areas of flat design and infographics, I came back to Rob with more ideas of what flat design can be used for such as:

  • Language – audience which all speak differently – olympic icons
  • Rudimentary language – developing language skills relies on imagery over text to communicate. E.g. How do they know that icon is meant to be them?
  • Still images – Signs (Hazards sign, bathroom sign etc)
  • Cave paintings – convey stories minimally.

Making a universal language

Evaluative point: When the image is recognizable enough to stand alone. For example, it becomes an icon to itself.

Finding the contrast of opposing or opposite styles in order tto create an accessible image.

Less isn’t more, just enough is.

IKEA instruction manuals.

Paperman – Shows story through emotion and imagery. No speaking.

An image is worth a thousand words (if its appropriate).

Taking minimalism too far can have serious consequences on visibility.


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