Olympic Pictograms

I wanted to look at the past Olympic Pictograms to understand some of the core elements that I should include within my design.


Tokyo’s 1964 take are actually quite a comprehendable set of icons which can be easily understood for each individual sport. It keeps consistency within its style and really shows the motion of each sport. I particularly like the horse-riding icon as it clearly illustrates someone riding a horse without fully having the full body of the character. It knows the minimal amount of essential iconic shapes to get the message across, something I hope I can achieve within my design.


Another Olympic Pictogram set that’ll inspire my design is the Munich’s 1972. It uses a gender-neutral design and illustrates each sport through stancing and simple shapes to represent items in the sport. Its simplicity throughout shows me the importance of using the least amount of elements to get the message across.


I particularly wanted to look at Beijing’s 2008 pictogram as well as I saw this set as the most potential of motion. The simple shapes for the arms, body and head allows the motion to be easily done whilst keeping consistent over the other designs. I want my design to be able to show motion without the feel of uncanny valley.

I will use all different aspects of these pictograms to create my own styled pictograms that looks fluent in-motion, gives meaning to the sport and conveys the message.


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