After deciding on the idea, I have finally decided to go with creating explainer videos for certain sports for the Olympics. This has to represent a style of pictograms that communicates to all nations about the sport the video is trying to explain. This will be difficult but should hopefully payoff with research, an understanding of all the different aspects and design style.

I first wanted to look at the different pictogram styled imagery each Olympic game uses. This video explains the many different styles of Olympic icons and, in his opinion, which ones are best representing the variety of Olympic sports. This will be a great starting point to which I base my design style around.


I wanted to particularly look into the Munich Olympic design as I felt it would be the most achievable in motion.


The Munich style explains the sport easily whilst being simple. It gives you enough information through iconic shapes (such as a curve being a bow) to instantly get what the icon is representing. I am also liking the look of Rio’s 2016 icon set as the body are more intact, allowing it to be easier to animate and give more persuasive motion to the characters. I am unsure if I should create my own pictogram character to accommodate my animation or use a previous generations set of pictograms. I will decide this when brainstorming ideas.

I also looked at some explainer videos within Olympics. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any animated videos to gather inspiration from but there are simple video guides of what you have to do in each sport. This will allow me to get a better understanding of which sports need to be explained within my explainer videos.





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